Jimmy (brother)

Donald/Andreas (mate)

Mark/Martin (mate)
Dylan Minnette As Kenny Let Me In Patrik Rydmark as Conny Let The Right One In
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Kenny/Conny (portrayed by Dylan Minnette & Patrik Rydmark) is one of the antagonists of the story, constantly tormenting Owen/Oskar throughout. Kenny scars Owen with an antenna rod; when Abby finds out about this she tells him to defend himself and she will help him if needed. Later on a field trip for school, Owen stands up to Kenny and hits him with a pole, splitting his ear.

Led by Kenny's older brother Jimmy, Kenny and his friends distract the swim teacher during a after school session and hold Owen underwater threatening to poke out his eye unless he stays under for three minutes. Kenny and his friends are killed by Abby when she appears to save Owen.

Kenny with his Posse

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