Oskar (boyfriend) The Father (Previous Caretaker)


Abby (sister) Valerie (foster mother)



Voice Actor

Destiny Bowen

In the meantime while Abby (eli) is with Owen (oskar) Eileen finds the secret place that her sister Eli did'nt bother telling her about. Once she reaches her destanation she see blood dripping from Oskar's hand. Then Eileen later starts craving for blood walks speedy fast over to Oskar and feeds from him turning him into a vampire. Then Eli gets Frustrated then angry and tackles Eileen from the back. Eileen punches Eli in her face and Eli starts bleeding. Then Eli slaps Eileen in the face after Eileen kisses Oskar. Then Eileen swing Eli around sending Eli in the air crashing into the wall

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